How to use the map

The WoW Places interactive map features 76 trip suggestions. It invites you to explore Croatia, North Macedonia and Slovenia from a new, women’s perspective.

Each location on the map is linked to a woman or a group of women who found the strength to resist and defy the fate brought upon them by others. As many of them left no material traces, the map adds unusual scenery, such as public squares, bridges, botanical gardens, and inns, to the mix of the more expected attractions, such as castles, museums, homesteads, and galleries.

By clicking a point on the map you will be guided to the exact location of the attraction and a description explaining what it offers.

As places are subject to change, we advise you to verify this information before visiting. The same goes if you plan on visiting with infants or small children since the information on baby-change facilities, children’s playgrounds and similar adjustments are not featured in the descriptions.

To make your planning easier, the map also offers filtering by location, keywords (art, science, politics, economy, etc.) and language.

The WoW Places interactive map was published simultaneously with three bilingual books; printed travel guides into women’s history in Croatia, North Macedonia and Slovenia. See More Offers for details.

Bon voyage!