Fanula Papazoglu

Portrait of Fanula Papazoglu. Photograph by Linguistthess. Source: Wikipedia. License: commons.Φανούλα_Παπαζόγλου.jpg

03.02.1917 – 26.01.2001

Angela Piskernik

Angela Piskernik playing boules. Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, ARS 1982, Piskernik Angela, box 8

Born in 1886 in Lobnik pri Železni Kapli (Carinthia); died in 1967 in Ljubljana. Botanist, museologist, and pedagogue, the first* Slovenian woman PhD holder and environmentalist. Angela Piskernik received her education at the Ursuline Convent in Klagenfurt, then attended the 1st State Grammar School in Graz before continuing her studies at the University of Vienna,… Continue reading Angela Piskernik

Partisan Doctors and Nurses

Nurses from the Franja Partisan Hospital, 1944. Standing from right to left: Jolanda Žagar, Anica Štucin, Adelina Zanitti, and Mira Mihelin Nataša. Cerkno Museum

Between 1942 and 1945, female partisan doctors and nurses and their fellow male combatants ran the most extensive resistance medical service in Europe in secret hospitals. Between 1939 and 1945, the world was at war. The resistance movement against Nazism and Fascism also developed in Slovenia, but the occupying forces did not acknowledge the partisans… Continue reading Partisan Doctors and Nurses