Bilyana Garvanlieva

Portrait of Bilyana Garvanlieva, source: Photograph by Samir Ljuma, courtesy of the author

1973 – 10.09.2016

Gusti Jirku Stridsberg

Gusti Jirku Stridsberg (detail). Property of Voge family, taken from the book The Six Lives of Gusti Stridsberg (2020)

Born in 1902 in Ukraine as Augustina Franziska Mayer; died in 1978 in Sweden. Writer, translator, journalist, war correspondent, and alleged secret agent. Not many lives bear as compelling a testament to the turbulent 20th century as the fate of Gusti Jirku Stridsberg. She was born on the fringe of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and spent… Continue reading Gusti Jirku Stridsberg

Zofka Kveder

Zofka Kveder (detail). Collection of portrait photographs of famous Slovenians (1997), National and University Library, Ljubljana

Born in 1878 in Ljubljana; died in 1926 in Zagreb. First Slovenian professional female writer. Zofka Kveder came from a difficult family background as the daughter of an alcoholic father and an emotionally absent mother. Her growing up was filled with destitution and violence and she could hardly wait to become emancipated and live an… Continue reading Zofka Kveder

Ljuba Prenner

Dr Ljuba Prenner with friends in Slovenj Gradec in 1938, when he was writing his most successful book. Legacy of Dr Ljuba Prenner, Carinthian Regional Museum Archive

Born in 1906 in Fara near Prevalje; died in 1977 in Ljubljana. Barrister, writer, activist. Already in his youth, Amalija Marija Prenner changed his name to Ljuba, identifying himself as a man. His life was hard and marked by transitions between genders, places, ideologies, and occupations. Despite his clear ambitions, he spent a long time… Continue reading Ljuba Prenner

Josipina Urbančič Turnograjska

Oil painting of Josipina Urbančič by Josef Hofholzer (detail), 1851. National and University Library, Ljubljana

Born in 1833 at Turn Castle in Preddvor; died in 1854 in Graz. She was the first Slovenian woman writer, poet, storyteller, and composer. The mid-19th century marks the beginning of the cultural battle for Slovenian language use on the Slovenian territory among the intellectuals who were mainly using German. Inspired by the pan-Slavic movement,… Continue reading Josipina Urbančič Turnograjska

The Forgotten Half of Novo Mesto

Ilka Vašte (detail). Collection of portrait photographs of famous Slovenians (1997), National and University Library, Ljubljana

The Forgotten Half of Novo Mesto project rekindles the memory of Marta Mušič Slapar, Ivana Oblak, Ilka Vašte and other outstanding women who have made a lasting mark on the capital of the Dolenjska region. The economic and cultural centre of south-east Slovenia, founded as a city already in the distant year 1365, bears imprints… Continue reading The Forgotten Half of Novo Mesto

Architects and Designers

Gizela Šuklje, plan detail of Metlika City Swimming Pool. Legacy of Gizela Šuklje, Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana

Women and men still have different statuses in architecture and design, as gender stereotypes in the two fields have barely loosened in the last century. Architecture is one of the many fields that was closed to women for a very long time. Even when they could finally receive education (the first woman architect in Ljubljana… Continue reading Architects and Designers

Berta Bojetu Boeta

Berta Bojetu (detail). Photo Rudi Španzel, Center for Slovenian Literature

Born in 1946 in Maribor, died in 1997 in Ljubljana. Actress and one of the most prominent post-war literary figures. When she was young, Berta Bojetu Boeta expressed her love of poetry by authoring the first known graffiti in Maribor on the walls of the Slavija underpass. The verse “Green, how I want you green”… Continue reading Berta Bojetu Boeta

Ivana Kobilca

Ivana Kobilca painting, circa 1915. National Gallery of Slovenia

Born in 1861 in Ljubljana, where she died in 1926. Considered to be the most important Slovenian female painter. Ivana Kobilca was the first Slovenian female painter who made a living with her work. From an early age, she wanted to push boundaries: both socially, refusing to submit to the role of woman expected of… Continue reading Ivana Kobilca

Branka Jurca

Branka Jurca (detail). Legacy of Branka Jurca, Ivan Potrč Library Ptuj

Born in 1914 in Kopriva; died on 6 March 1999 in Ljubljana. Author of much-loved children’s and young-adult books, editor of children’s journal Ciciban, and writer of – until recently – significantly underappreciated adult literature. Branka Jurca was a prolific writer, publicist, and author of children’s and young-adult fiction. She lived and worked in Maribor… Continue reading Branka Jurca

Ita Rina

Ita Rina postcard (detail) from the late 1920s. Slovenian Cinematheque

Born as Ida Kravanja in Divača in 1907; died as Tamara Đorđević in Budva, Montenegro, in 1979. The first and only Slovenian big film star.    Ida Kravanja spent her early childhood in Divača. She was said to be a lively, unconventional child who liked to wander around and dance. When Ida was 7 and… Continue reading Ita Rina

Retracing the Herstory of Celje

Celje city centre with the City Hall, mid-20th century. Photo Josip Pelikan, Celje Museum of Recent History

The herstorical figures of Celje include Vera Levstik, Tončka Čeč, Pavla Jesih, Olga Vrabič, Božena Pelikan, Ana Baumbach and others highlighted by the TraCEs project. The walk through the history of Celje from a female perspective begins outside the Celje Museum of Recent History, the former City Hall that was also home to the city’s… Continue reading Retracing the Herstory of Celje