Olivera Jotsikj-Vera

The family background of Vera Yotsikj is part of the mosaic that testifies to the tumultuous ideological and political upheavals at the time between the two world wars in the Balkans. Her father, Mladen Yotsikj, originally came from Novi Sad, Serbia, but after the Balkan Wars and the retreat of the Turkish population from the… Continue reading Olivera Jotsikj-Vera

Olga Papesh

Olga Papesh, born in Veles in 1933, was an engineer-architect, the recipient of the award “Andreya Damyanov” for her life’s work. She lived and worked until 2011. Her diverse output, ranging from design to the construction of the most important buildings in Skopje during its reconstruction, especially the remarkable buildings from the sphere of housing,… Continue reading Olga Papesh

Initiative for Naming the Bridge “Rosa Plaveva and Nakie Bayram”

In her research work, the artist Hristina Ivanovska aims to address the problem of absence of women from archives, lack of cultural memory related to them, their rare representation in the urban toponyms, and, most importantly, absence of women’s cultural-historical legacy. Through her initiative to have the newly built bridge named after two women fellow… Continue reading Initiative for Naming the Bridge “Rosa Plaveva and Nakie Bayram”

Mimoza Nestorova-Tomikj

Mimoza Nestorova-Tomikj is an architect, urban developer, and planner born in Struga in 1929. Demonstrating stellar academic success as early as high school, throughout all of her student days, professional development, and professional career, Nestorova-Tomikj showcased professionalism, philosophical development, and perfectionism in everything she tackled. She participated in the design, planning, and conceptualization of many… Continue reading Mimoza Nestorova-Tomikj

Mara Natseva Milanova-Anka

The partisan Mara Natseva was born in Kumanovo on September 28, 1920. In her native town, she worked as a textile worker. At the age of 16, she joined the LCYY and through them participated in the activities of the workers’ movement. At that time, 1936, the textile workers organized strikes to improve their working… Continue reading Mara Natseva Milanova-Anka

Lila Milikj

Lila Milikj was born in 1984 in Skopje. Since 2009, she has been actively engaged in raising the awareness of the audience at large about the sex industry and sex workers in North Macedonia and later on in solving the needs and problems of the transgender people in the country through the system. In 2019,… Continue reading Lila Milikj

Ibe Palikukja

1927 – 22.09.1944

Fanula Papazoglu

Portrait of Fanula Papazoglu. Photograph by Linguistthess. Source: Wikipedia. License: commons. wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Φανούλα_Παπαζόγλου.jpg

03.02.1917 – 26.01.2001

Fana Kochovska-Tsvetkovikj Petra

Portrait of Fana Kochovska-Tsvetkovikj. Source: apla. mk/denes/item/2627-na-deneshen-den-pochina-fanakochovska- cvetkovikj-najmladiot-naroden-heroj-voporaneshna- jugoslavija

The village Lavtsi, the birthplace of Fani Kochovska, was a traditional village in the vicinity of the city of Bitola, many of whose residents worked abroad. The economic migrations of the locals, who worked in the western and transatlantic countries, brought back progressive ideas from the world’s latest movements. Soon after the birth of Fana,… Continue reading Fana Kochovska-Tsvetkovikj Petra

Estreya Haim Ovadiya-Mara

Portrait of Estreya Haim Ovadiya-Mara. Source: BabamBitola.mk

25.12.1922 – 26.08.1944